10.16.110   Unlawful parking--Peddlers, vendors.
   A.   1. Except as otherwise provided in this section, no person shall stand or park any vehicle, wagon or pushcart from which goods, wares, merchandise, fruits, vegetables or food stuffs are sold, displayed, solicited or offered for sale or bartered or exchanged, or any lunch wagon or eating cart or vehicle, on any portion of any street within this city except that such vehicles, wagons, or pushcarts may not stand or park at any specific location for more than ten minutes, unless the person is otherwise stopped on a personal break, or as necessary to complete a transaction(s) at the request of a bona fide purchaser(s) that approached the person while stopped.
   2.   No person shall stand or park any such vehicle, wagon or pushcart within this city within one thousand (1,000) feet of the exterior boundary for property used or occupied by any private or public school.
   3.   The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to persons delivering such articles upon order of, or by agreement with a customer from a store or other fixed place of business of distribution.
   B.   No person shall park or stand on any street any lunch wagon, eating cart or vehicle, or pushcart, stand, display, pedal driven cart, wagon, showcase, rack or other nonmotorized conveyance from which food or merchandise is sold or offered for sale without first obtaining a written permit to do so under this municipal code, Chapter 5.72 concerning sidewalk vendors seeking permits or Chapter 17.64 concerning food truck operators seeking permits.
   C.   No person shall park or stand any vehicle or wagon used or intended to be used in the transportation of property for hire on any street while awaiting patronage for such  vehicle or wagon without first obtaining a written permit to do so from the city manager, which shall designate the specific location where such vehicle may stand.
   D.   Whenever any permit is granted under the provisions of this municipal code and a particular location to park or stand is specified therein, no person shall park or stand any vehicle, wagon, or pushcart on any location other than as designated in such permit. (Ord. 2019-05 § 2, 2019: prior code § 3009(k))