10.16.145   Downtown parking permits.
   A.   Whenever the city manager shall determine that the establishment of parking permits are reasonably necessary or desirable to prohibit, restrict or regulate off-street parking facilities within the central business district parking zone as defined by Section 17.30.030, the city manager shall have authority to implement parking permit programs for city-owned or operated off-street parking facilities. The city manger shall issue rules and regulations needed for the administration and enforcement of downtown parking permits including but not limited to criteria and procedures for issuance and revocation of a parking permit.
   B.   The city manager may defer any parking permit programs to the city council for public review and authorization.
   C.   When signs authorized by the provisions of this section are in place giving notice thereof, no person shall operate, park or stand any vehicle contrary to the directions and provisions of such signs.
   D.   Permit fees shall be set by resolution of the city council.
   E.   Fees collected, less administrative costs, shall be deposited into an account for the purpose of providing future public parking facilities. (Ord. 2000-10 § 1, 2000)