10.16.160   Diagonal parking.
   A.   On any of the streets, portions of streets, or publicly owned parking lots established by resolution of the council as diagonal parking zones, when signs or pavement markings are in place indicating such diagonal parking, it shall be unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to park said vehicle except:
   1.   At the angle to the curb or barrier indicated by signs or pavement markings allotting space to parked vehicles and entirely within the limits of said allotted space;
   2.   With the front wheel nearest the curb or barrier within six inches of said curb or barrier.
   B.   The provisions of this section shall not apply when such vehicle is actually engaged in the process of loading or unloading passengers, freight or goods, in which event the provisions applicable in Section 10.16.150 shall be complied with. (Prior code § 3010(d))