General Provisions
   90.01   Purpose
   90.02   Definitions
   90.03   Keeping of dangerous animals prohibited
   90.04   Dangerous animal exceptions
   90.05   Seizure, impoundment and disposition of dangerous animals
   90.06   Keeping of vicious animals prohibited; vicious dogs
   90.07   Vicious animal exceptions
   90.08   Seizure, impoundment and disposition of vicious animals
   90.09   Running at large prohibited
   90.10   Unlawful to cause harm or injury
   90.11   Animal Pound; Pound Supervisor
   90.12   Owner or person in charge of animal to clean up droppings
   90.13   Owner or person in charge of animals to keep place in sanitary condition
   90.14   Vaccination of dogs and cats
   90.15   Confinement of female dogs and cats in heat
   90.16   Limited number of animals allowed
   90.17   Proclamation
   90.18   Violations
   90.19   Severability
   90.20   Effective date
Impoundment and Quarantine; Rabies
   90.35   Reporting of bite cases
   90.36   Responsibilities of veterinarians
   90.37   Quarantine for a minimum period of ten calendar days
   90.38   Apprehension and impoundment
   90.39   Impoundment, pick up and disposal fees
Licenses and Certificates; Tags
   90.50   Annual license required
   90.51   License applications
   90.52   License fee
   90.53   Delinquency; late fee penalty
   90.54   Issuance of license; evidence of vaccination; vicious animal insurance
   90.55   Submission or rabies vaccination certificates by veterinarians
   90.56   Transfer or change of ownership
   90.57   Duration of license
   90.58   Exceptions to license requirements
   90.59   License tag; use of tag
   90.60   Tag not transferrable
   90.61   Duplicate tag
   90.62   Community cats
   90.99   Penalty