(A)   It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police or designee, to order the owner of any animal which has bitten or scratched a person or another animal, or any animal suspected of being infected with rabies, to confine such animal for a period of ten calendar days at the municipal animal pound, a veterinary clinic or a registered kennel. The Chief of Police or designee may allow a dog or cat which has bitten or scratched a person or another animal while on the owner's property and which is either provably under six months of age or is properly licensed and has a current certificate of inoculation for rabies, to remain in quarantine for that period on the property of the owner so long as the dog or cat is there confined and out of contact with members of the public or other animals during the quarantine period. Such home quarantine shall not be allowed where there is a reasonable belief that the animal's condition requires observation at a veterinary clinic or where the animal does not remain in quarantine in the manner prescribed by the Chief of Police or designee.
   (B)   The owner of animals confined or quarantined as stated herein shall pay all impoundment and confinement costs, together with veterinary charges and tests involved.
(Ord. 2012-02, passed 2-7-2012; Ord. 2017-02, passed 2-14-2017; Am. Ord. 2022-08, passed 6-28-2022)