(A)   It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police or the duly appointed animal control officer of the city, or their lawful agents, to cause to be taken up and impounded any dog, cat or any other animal found to be at large within the city contrary to the provisions of § 90.09.
   (B)   When a dog, cat or other animal has bitten a person or suspected to have bitten a person and the owner of same refuses to comply with the required confinement as provided by law, such dog, cat or other animal shall be apprehended by police authorities or the animal control officer, and confined as soon as possible under the care of a licensed veterinarian, and the owner shall pay all costs involved with said confinement.
   (C)   (1)   Notice shall be given the owners, if known, of all animals apprehended and impounded by the city. The police authorities or animal control officer shall send notice in not less than 48 hours to the owner. All dogs and cats impounded without a current license, collar or similar identification shall be kept for not less than four calendar days after being impounded unless redeemed by the owner in accordance with this chapter. Dogs and cats with identification attached thereto shall be kept not less than seven calendar days after being impounded unless sooner redeemed by the owner in accordance with this chapter.
      (2)   All animals that have been impounded and not claimed within the period herein stated may be humanely destroyed or otherwise disposed of in accordance with law.
   (D)   An owner may redeem an animal by having it immediately vaccinated, if deemed necessary by the city, and by paying the costs of impoundment and any license fees and penalties due. The animal control officer has the authority to release the animal to the owner temporarily for vaccination purposes provided said owner returns immediately and shows evidence of immunization.
(Ord. 2012-02, passed 2-7-2012; Am. Ord. 2022-08, passed 6-28-2022)