§ 153.185  GENERAL.
   (A)   No plat of any subdivisions shall be approved by the Board unless the subdivider provides for construction of a sanitary sewer system adequate to serve the needs of the entire subdivision when the same is fully developed. The location and design of said sanitary sewer system shall be reviewed by the Village Engineer and approved by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). This requirement shall not apply to any new subdivision which cannot be provided with sanitary sewer service.
   (B)   The adequacy of the existing sanitary sewers to which the proposed development is to outlet into must first be determined by the subdivider. If the existing sewers are not adequate, it shall be the subdivider’s responsibility to find an outlet for the sanitary sewers. This work shall be done in cooperation within the Village Engineer and the village’s Sewer and Water Committee. Capacity of sanitary sewers shall be determined utilizing IEPA regulatory requirements.
   (C)   All design calculations must be submitted to the Village Engineer for review.
   (D)   (1)   Where the subdivider can show by cost estimates that it is not economical to connect to public sewers (taking into account the cost of installing individual on-site wastewater systems and their maintenance costs), he or she shall furnish percolation and other test results to indicate that the lots are of adequate size for proper sanitary waste disposal. This information shall be prepared by a licensed professional engineer.
      (2)   The area used for seepage fields shall not be under any proposed driveways, parking areas, buildings, or on public property or within public easements. No seepage field shall be connected to any storm drainage facility. Discharges from individual on-site treatment units shall not be directed above ground surface. All private sewage disposal systems shall be constructed in accordance with the State Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act, being 225 ILCS 225/1 et seq. and Code of the State Department of Public Health, being 77 Ill. Admin. Code § 905, latest revision thereof.
   (E)   All permits required must be obtained by the subdivider (i.e., an IEPA construction and operation permit). Permit application forms shall be reviewed by the Village Engineer before being submitted to the IEPA.
   (F)   All sanitary sewer work shall be done in accordance with the regulations and standards of the IEPA and the provisions of Title V, unless more stringent requirements are stated herein.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.18)