§ 153.186  DESIGN.
   (A)   Mainline sanitary sewers shall be a minimum of eight inches in diameter.
   (B)   Maximum distance between manholes shall be 350 feet.
   (C)   Manholes shall be at least four feet in diameter, constructed of precast reinforced concrete units in accordance with the attached standard details, and shall have gasketed joints.
   (D)   All main sanitary sewer lines shall be terminated with a manhole; this requirement may be waived for sewer lines less than 150 feet in length upon authorization by the Village Engineer and when a cleanout is constructed at the end of the sewer line.
   (E)   Each lot shall be provided with a wye connection located near the center of the lot (with pancake plug). All service lines and wyes shall be constructed water-tight.
   (F)   No service lines shall be connected to mainline manholes, except at the last upstream manhole of an individual sewer.
   (G)   Any service line stub which is seven feet or greater from the finished surface shall be provided with a riser to bring the service within seven feet of the surface; all such service wyes shall be encased with six inches of concrete (with pancake plug).
   (H)   Drop connections for service lines at manholes will not be allowed.
   (I)   Back lot line sanitary sewer services shall be provided with manholes at all street crossings.
   (J)   The minimum design velocity for sanitary sewer mains shall be two feet per second, based upon Manning’s formula using an “n” value of 0.013. The following minimum slopes shall be provided; however, slopes greater than these are desirable:
Sewer size
Minimum slope in ft. per 100 ft.
Flow, mgd
Sewer size
Minimum slope in ft. per 100 ft.
Flow, mgd
8 inches
10 inches
12 inches
15 inches
18 inches
21 inches
24 inches
   (K)   (1)   Sanitary sewer service lines shall have a minimum diameter of six inches and a minimum slope of one-eighth of an inch per foot, and shall be extended from the mainline sewer to at least five feet beyond the property line.
      (2)   Building sewers (four-inch diameter minimum) from the buildings to the service sewer connection shall be laid at a minimum slope of one- quarter of an inch per foot.
   (L)   The openings through which pipes enter the manhole structure shall be gasketed and shall be completely and firmly filled with non-shrink grout.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.18)