(A)   All wastewater pump stations shall be prefabricated custom series pump stations. All wastewater pump stations shall be supplied with standby power generators.
   (B)   The factory-built, completely buried underground station shall consist of a welded steel chamber with a welded steel entrance tube with access ladder, for installation adjoining the wet well. Basic equipment includes duplex wastewater non-clog pumps, with valves, internal piping, central control panel, starters, level controls, and internal wiring.
   (C)   Auxiliary equipment in the stations shall include a ventilating blower, a heater with thermostat, lighting, sump pump and piping, dehumidifier, an alarm light and horn, pump time running meters, a high water alarm sensor, an automatic telephone dialer, a solid state level controller and backup level controller, valving necessary to hook up portable pumping equipment, and other such features as the village’s ordinances may require.
   (D)   Subdivider shall verify power availability at the site proposed for the pump station. Any costs required to bring adequate power to a pump station site shall be borne by the subdivider.
   (E)   All design calculations must be submitted to the Village Engineer for review.
   (F)   All construction shop drawings must be submitted to the Village Engineer for review. Operation and maintenance manuals shall be provided for all equipment and materials provided for the pump stations.
(Ord. 97-7, passed 7-1-1997, § 5.18)