Sec. 9-4.1804. Multi-family residential and non-residential exceptions.
   Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this Code, the Community Development Director or designee may approve the following modifications to existing multi-family residential and non-residential projects through a Design Review application or zone clearance without hearing or notice and without the need for modification to any underlying permit:
   (a)   Repainting of structure(s) using the same color(s), or colors allowed within the Architectural Design Guidelines Resolution;
   (b)   Replacement of windows and doors with those of the same general type and design, or the addition of new windows and doors in compliance with the Architectural Design Guidelines Resolution;
   (c)   Reroofing without a change in roof elevation;
   (d)   Reroofing or minor roof changes with roof materials consistent with the project entitlement conditions, or as allowed by the Architectural Design Guidelines Resolution;
   (e)   Addition, modification or repair of trash enclosures, freestanding walls, lighting standards, flag poles and/or other miscellaneous improvements on the site;
   (f)   Modifications to parking areas within the scope authorized by Section 9-4.2404(f)(2) of this chapter;
   (g)   Any other minor exterior building and site improvements consistent with the overall building and site design and the provisions of the City's Architectural Design Guidelines Resolution.
(§ 1, Ord. 1177-NS, eff. April 27, 1993, as renumbered by § 2 and amended by § 5, Ord. 1210-NS, eff. May 24, 1994, and § 34, Ord. 1620-NS, eff. August 12, 2016)