Sec. 9-4.1800.  Purpose.
   It is hereby found and declared that the City and the larger community of the Conejo Valley is situated in a unique natural setting of rolling hills, mountains, open space and natural scenic beauty; that the retention of this natural setting must be fostered while recognizing that this unique historic and scenic environment will be a catalyst for attracting a variety of new developments and encouraging upgrading of existing projects; that the design of these new projects needs to take into consideration this natural setting, the relationship to nearby development and a desired semi-rural environment, particularly along freeway corridors and major highways; that new or modified buildings or parking structures should be visually and functionally compatible yet distinctive within a nearby development area and, in the development of single-family residential homes, to achieve compatibility and to preserve the character and permanency of desirable nearby residential development area without physical and visual over intensification on established lots; that developing and maintaining an appropriate appearance of all sections within the City is necessary to uphold and enhance its economic position within the region in order to stabilize, protect and maintain property values, retain environmentally sensitive and natural open space areas, promote trade and commerce, and to ensure a continued managed growth in accordance with the adopted General Plan and to retain the well-being of its economy and its people.
   While encouraging quality and creative architectural and landscaping designs and without depriving a property owner of any authorized uses of property, the development and architectural design of buildings and structures in the City shall comply with the architectural design guidelines adopted by resolution of the City Council.  The intent of the guidelines is to encourage architectural creativity and to be used as standards for design, construction and development to ensure that the aesthetic environment of the City will become culturally matured and will have a material or substantially beneficial effect upon the historic, economic, social and cultural well-being and development of the community or the peace, health, safety, and general economic welfare of its inhabitants.
(§ 1, Ord. 1177-NS, eff. April 27, 1993)