Sec. 9-4.1802.  Precise plan of design required.
   When none of the discretionary approvals set forth in Sections 9-4.904(h) and 9-4.1801(b) are required, a precise plan of design approval shall be required prior to the issuance of a residential building permit, for each of the following:
   (a)   New single-family detached residential dwelling unit(s);
   (b)   Any second-story room addition, a balcony, a second-story deck, or an exterior stairway to the second story, except that no precise plan of design permit shall be required where the addition is confined within the existing volume of the house with no change to the exterior dimensions of the house at the second story, and the addition does not add windows on the second story that could affect privacy of adjacent residential property;
   (c)   First floor room addition to the footprint of the principal structure to an existing single-family detached dwelling unit where the added floor area is more than 1,000 square feet;
   (d)   Addition of a carport (detached or attached);
   (e)   Garage conversion in conjunction with the construction of a new garage and/or a carport, if applicable;
   (f)   Addition of an attached or detached wooden deck over sloping terrain;
   (g)   Addition or expansion of a detached accessory structure;
   (h)   Addition or alteration of any residential sports facility;
   (i)   Installation or alteration of light pole(s) and lighting fixtures for residential sports facilities.
   (j)   In addition to any of the other applicable types of improvements set forth in this Section, the following types of improvements at an existing individual townhouse or multi-family condominium unit:
   (1)   Expansion of the building footprint or living area.
   (2)   Enclosure or expansion of an existing balcony.
   (3)   Change to the existing building height or roofline.
   (4)   Redesign of the building that would result in a change to the approved architectural theme of the development in which it is located.
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