Sec. 9-4.1807.  Design review criteria.
   In applying the adopted architectural design guidelines to discretionary land use approvals and to the review of applications for precise plan of design approval, the Community Development Department, the Planning Commission and City Council, on appeal, shall review and consider the following site and neighboring development area issues and impacts:
   (a)   The site’s dimensions with relation to the proposed structures and permitted uses;
   (b)   The adequacy, compatibility and harmony of the exterior building design, colors, materials and architectural features with the existing environment and the adopted guidelines;
   (c)   The location of the property in relation to surrounding property zoned for a less dense use, such as a residential use;
   (d)   The relationship of topography and grade to finished floor elevations of the site being improved;
   (e)   The proper orientation of the main elevation with respect to nearby streets and improvements;
   (f)   Any other matters relevant to implement the purpose set forth in Section 9-4.1800 of this article.
(§ 1, Ord. 1177-NS, eff. April 27, 1993, as renumbered by § 2, Ord. 1210-NS, eff. May 24, 1994)