11-1-1: Purposes
11-1-2: Scope
11-1-3: Definition Of Subdivision
11-1-4: Enforcement And Permits
11-1-5: Penalty
11-1-1: PURPOSES:
   A.   Promote Health And Welfare: The underlying purpose and intent of this Title is to promote the health, safety, convenience and general welfare of the inhabitants of the City in the matter of the subdivision of land and related matters affected by such subdivision.
   B.   Best Interest Of Public Welfare: Any proposed subdivision and its ultimate use shall be in the best interests of the public welfare and shall be in harmony with good neighborhood development of the area concerned, and the subdivider shall present evidence to this effect when requested to do so by the Planning Commission. (Sub. Ord.)
11-1-2: SCOPE:
   A.   Compliance: No person shall subdivide any tract of land which is located wholly or in part in the City, except in compliance with this Title.
   B.   Pursuant To Provisions: No person shall sell or exchange or offer to sell or exchange any parcel of land which is a part of a subdivision of a larger tract of land, nor offer for recording in the office of the County Recorder any deed conveying such a parcel of land, or any interest therein, unless such subdivision has been created pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of this Title. (Sub. Ord.)
The word subdivision, as used in this Title, is hereby defined as the division of a tract or parcel of land into three (3) or more parts for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of a sale of a building development; provided, that if any person within one calendar year divides any tract into three (3) or more parts, such land shall be deemed a subdivision within the meaning of this Title. Providing, however, that this definition of a subdivision shall not include a bona fide division or partition of agricultural land in parcels of more than one acre for other than development purposes, nor shall it include the division of property in commercial or industrial districts for commercial or industrial developments where no new streets are required or are to be dedicated for public use; nor shall it include or apply to the allocation of land in the settlement of an estate, or a court decree for the distribution of property. (Sub. Ord.)
The Building Department shall not issue any permit unless the plans for the proposed erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration or use fully conforms to all provisions of this Title. No City officer shall issue any permit or license for the use of any building, structure or land when such land is a part of a subdivision, as defined in Section 11-1-3 of this Chapter, until such subdivision has been approved and recorded in the County Recorder's office and all other provisions of law have been complied with. Any license or permit issued in conflict with this Title shall be null and void. (Sub. Ord.; 1997 Code)
11-1-5: PENALTY:
Any subdivider or other person who shall violate or fail to comply with any of the provisions of this Title shall be guilty of a Class C misdemeanor and subject to penalty as provided in Section 1-4-1 of this Code. (Sub. Ord.; 1997 Code)