5-1-1: Appointment Of Chief Of Police
5-1-2: Powers And Duties
5-1-3: Disposal Of Unclaimed Property
There shall be appointed in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter a Chief of Police, who shall be ex officio City Marshal and shall perform the duties and exercise the authority thereof. (1989 Code § 2-6-1, 10-4-1988)
   A.   General: The Chief of Police shall be head of the Police Department. The Chief of Police shall be responsible for the direction and control of said Department and all police officers of the City. It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police to perform all functions and exercise all powers conferred upon him by law or City ordinance. The Chief of Police shall, with the aid of such police officers as may be necessary, suppress riots, disturbances and breaches of the peace and take all necessary action to apprehend and arrest all persons committing any criminal offense or who have violated the penal laws of the State or the ordinances of the City. The Chief of Police shall at all times by himself or through his officers, diligently and faithfully discharge the duties of his office and enforce all ordinances and regulations of the City made and provided for the preservation of peace, good order and the protection of lives, rights and property of all persons. (1989 Code § 2-6-2, 10-4-1988)
   B.   Authority To Arrest: The Chief of Police and the members of the Police Department shall have power and authority, without process, to arrest and take into custody any person who shall commit or threaten or attempt to commit in the presence of any such officer, or within his view, any breach of the peace or any offense directly prohibited by the laws of this State or by ordinance. (1989 Code § 2-6-3, 10-4-1988)
   C.   Service Of Process: The Chief of Police and the members of the Police Department, when called upon or directed so to do by any court of competent jurisdiction, shall serve all legal process, civil or criminal, and shall serve all warrants of arrest and take into custody any person ordered arrested by any court of competent jurisdiction and in the administration of justice, shall faithfully and promptly carry out and execute any lawful order of such court. (1989 Code § 2-6-4, 10-4-1988)
   D.   Report To City Council:
      1.   Appointment Of Officers: The Chief of Police shall report to the City Council and Mayor on the number of police officers needed in his Department. The Mayor shall review all such requests for the appointment of police officers and make his recommendations to the City Council with respect thereto. (1989 Code § 2-6-5, 10-4-1988)
      2.   Affairs And Conditions Of Department: The Chief of Police shall from time to time make a report to the City Council of the affairs and conditions of his Department, which reports shall include a statement on the conduct of his various police officers with relation to their employment and the execution of their duties. (1989 Code § 2-6-6, 10-4-1988)
Any stolen, lost or abandon personal property which has been recovered by the Police Department, or any other City agency and held in storage by said Department for a period of ninety (90) days or over without having been claimed by the owner thereof, may, by said Police Department, be sold at public sale. Notice of the time and place of said sale, which notice shall contain a description of such personal property to be sold, shall be given by publishing such notice twice, the first publication which shall be at least fifteen (15) days before the day of sale, and the last publication of which shall be not later than the Thursday immediately preceding the day of sale in a newspaper of general circulation within the City, in Davis County, and having general circulation in said County. The proceeds of such sales shall forthwith be paid over to the City Treasurer. (Ord. 2-10-2-85, 2-19-1985; 1997 Code)