8-1-1: Application
8-1-2: Fees
8-1-3: Rates Established
8-1-4: Termination Of Services
   A.   Required: No culinary water service, sewer service, sewer treatment service, garbage collection service or other utility service for which payment of a fee to the City is required, including surcharge where applicable, shall be furnished to any house, tenement, apartment, building, business, premises or lot, whether such utility service is for the use of the owner or tenant, unless an application for such utility service shall be made in writing, signed by the owner of legal record or his duly authorized agent. Such owner, tenant or occupant shall agree to pay for all such utility services furnished thereto according to City ordinances, rules, regulations and resolutions.
   B.   Forms: The City shall prepare forms upon which application for utility services shall be made. These forms may be amended by the City from time to time as necessary in the opinion of the City.
   C.   Contents: The applicant shall state fully and truly the purpose of which such utility services are required and shall agree to conform to, and be governed by, such ordinances, rules, regulations and resolutions as may be prescribed by the City for the control of such utility services. The applicant shall agree to be responsible for and pay on time all statements and bills due the City on account of all utility services delivered to the premises named in the application. (Ord. 10-1-5-87, 5-19-1987)
8-1-2: FEES:
   A.   Payment Of Previous Charges: Before utility services will be furnished to any premises, all charges against the premises that are due and payable to the City for such utility services, or any service, material or supplies pertaining thereto or furnished thereon, must have been paid with the property owner remaining ultimately responsible for payment of any charges owed.
   B.   Responsibility For Payment: The owner shall sign the application referred to in subsections 8-1-1A and 8-1-1C of this Chapter and thereby become responsible for payment of all water, sewer and garbage bills on premises rented or leased by such owner. (Ord. 10-1-5-87, 5-19-1987)
Utility rates shall be as established from time to time by resolution or other appropriate documents adopted by the City. (Ord. 10-1-5-87, 5-19-1987)
Utility services to any premises may be suspended or terminated to premises for nonpayment of utility bills or for other cause in accordance with City rules, regulations and policies. Restoration of utility services to premises to which utility services have been suspended or terminated shall be in accordance with such City rules, regulations and policies. (Ord. 10-1-5-87, 5-19-1987)