1-1-1: Title
1-1-2: Acceptance
1-1-3: Amendments
1-1-4: Code Alterations
1-1-1: TITLE:
Upon the adoption by the City Council, this City Code is hereby declared to be and shall hereafter constitute the official City Code of Sunset City. This City Code of ordinances shall be known and cited as the SUNSET CITY CODE and is hereby published by authority of the City Council and shall be supplemented to incorporate the most recent legislation of the City as provided in Section 1-1-3 of this Chapter. Any reference to the number of any section contained herein shall be understood to refer to the position of the same number, its appropriate chapter and title heading, and to the general penalty clause relating thereto, as well as to the section itself, when reference is made to this City Code by title in any legal documents. (1997 Code)
The City Code, as hereby presented in printed form, shall hereafter be received without further proof in all courts and in administrative tribunals of this State as the ordinances of the City of general and permanent effect, except the excluded ordinances enumerated in Section 1-2-1 of this Title. (1997 Code)
Any ordinance amending the City Code shall set forth the title, chapter and section number of the section or sections to be amended, and this shall constitute sufficient compliance with any statutory requirement pertaining to the amendment or revision by ordinance of any part of this City Code. All such amendments or revisions by ordinance shall be immediately forwarded to the codifiers, and the said ordinance material shall be prepared for insertion in its proper place in each copy of this City Code. Each such replacement page shall be properly identified and shall be inserted in each individual copy of the City Code. (1997 Code)
It shall be deemed unlawful for any person to alter, change, replace or deface in any way any section or any page of this City Code in such a manner that the meaning of any phrase or order may be changed or omitted. Replacement pages may be inserted according to the official instructions when so authorized by the City Council. The City Recorder shall see that the replacement pages are properly inserted in the official copies maintained in the office of the City Recorder. Any person having custody of a copy of the City Code shall make every effort to maintain said Code current as to the most recent ordinances passed. Such person shall see to the immediate insertion of new or replacement pages when such are delivered or made available to such person through the office of the City Recorder. Said Code books, while in actual possession of officials and other interested persons, shall be and remain the property of the City and shall be returned to the office of the City Recorder when directed so to do by order of the City Council. (1997 Code)