General Provisions
   51.001   Privies and ideal sanitary closets
   51.002   Septic tank prohibited
   51.003   Deposit of objectionable waste on property
   51.004   Discharge of sewage or polluted water to natural outlets
   51.005   Use of private sewage disposal facilities restricted
   51.006   Toilet facilities required in buildings; connection with public sewer required
Building Sewers and Sewer Connections
   51.020   Permit for sewer connection or opening
   51.021   Application and fee for sewer connection
   51.022   Cost of building sewer to be borne by property owner
   51.023   Separate building sewer required for each building; exceptions
   51.024   Use of old building sewers
   51.025   Specifications for building sewers
   51.026   Connection of sources of surface runoff or ground water to building sewers
   51.027   Connections to comply with other regulations
   51.028   Notice to Town Council when building sewer ready for inspection
   51.029   Guarding of excavations; restoration of streets, sidewalks and the like after excavation
   51.030   Record to be kept of connections
Restrictions on Use
   51.045   Discharge of stormwater, collecting water and the like into sewers prohibited
   51.046   Discharge of hazardous substances into sewers prohibited
   51.047   Industrial and other harmful wastes
   51.048   Authority of Town Council to reject or require pretreatment of wastes
   51.049   Grease, oil and sand interceptors may be required
   51.050   Maintenance of preliminary treatment and flow-equalizing facilities
   51.051   Control manholes and meters may be required
   51.052   Standards for measurements, tests and analyses
   51.053   Discharge of other wastes into sewer system prohibited
Scavengers’ Wastes
   51.065   Disposal in sewer system prohibited
   51.066   Method of disposal
Sewer Service Charges and Contracts
   51.080   Contracts to be on annual basis; contracting party to furnish town correct address
   51.081   Number of contracts per lot
   51.082   Establishment of sewer service charges; flat rate for properties not using town water
   51.083   Billing date for sewer service charges; when bills payable; discontinuance of service for failure to pay bill; charge for restoration of service
   51.084   Sewer and water service may be terminated for failure to pay sewer service charges
   51.085   Water distribution agency to collect sewer service charges
   Stormwater management, see Chapter 155
   Zoning, see Chapter 157
Statutory reference:
   Sewerage systems generally, see S.C. Code §§ 5-31-10 to 5-31-2040