A.   A license tax is hereby levied on every person, firm, association or corporation engaging in, exercising or pursuing any of the following businesses, professions, trades, occupations or privileges in this city, in such amounts as the city council shall set by motion or resolution. A copy of the current license tax amounts shall be kept in the city clerk's office.
      1.   Any itinerant show, exhibition or entertainment of any kind which charges admission (including all activities under its auspices):
         a.   If it has not more than five (5) personnel (managers, technicians, actor and other employees);
         b.   If it has six (6) to ten (10) personnel; or
         c.   If it has more than ten (10) personnel;
provided, that this shall not apply to circuses, menageries, street fairs and carnivals;
      2.   Any circus traveling by land using:
         a.   From one to ten (10) vehicles;
         b.   From eleven (11) to twenty (20) vehicles; or
         c.   More than twenty (20) vehicles;
including in each case above the right to parade. If the right to parade alone is applied for, in each case above, one-half (1/2) of the tax shall be changed;
      3.   Any street fair or carnival (including all activities under its auspices);
      4.   Any shooting gallery, skill or strength game, or game of chance, such as knife boards, rag or wooden images or other thing or things at which rings, balls or other things are thrown, pitched or shot, lung testing or striking machine, or similar device; provided, that this shall not apply to games under the auspices of street fairs, carnivals and circuses;
      5.   Any ferris wheel, merry-go-round, small cars, or similar apparatus, when not under the auspices of the street fair, civic club, carnival or circus;
      6.   Any wrestling matches, professional;
      7.   Any itinerant person, agent or solicitor selling, offering for sale, taking orders for, or offering to take orders for, goods, products, wares, patent medicines, magazines, services, or other things of any kind, excepting wholesalers; provided, that this shall not apply to persons selling farm products produced by themselves in the state;
      8.   Any medicine show;
      9.   Any itinerant photographer or agent, or employee thereof, taking pictures or taking orders for pictures, or assisting therein; and
      10.   Any dance hall or place where public dances are held; provided, that this shall not apply to dances held under the auspices of local nonprofit organizations.
   B.   In order to receive a license under this chapter, every person, firm or corporation regulated pursuant to this section is required to possess a valid and current state sales tax permit if such person, firm or corporation meets the definition of vendor subject to collection of sales taxes under the sales tax code of the city and state. A copy of this permit shall be provided by the applicant for a license to the city clerk prior to issuance of the city license. (2000 Code § 9-101)