6-101: Organization Of Municipal Court
6-102: Definitions
6-103: Jurisdiction Of Court
6-104: Judge; Qualifications
6-105: Term Of Judge
6-106: Alternate Judge
6-107: Acting Judge
6-108: Appointment Of Judge And Alternate Judge
6-109: Salary And Payments To Judges
6-110: Removal Of Judge
6-111: Vacancy In Office Of Judge
6-112: Disqualification Of Judge
6-113: Court Marshal
6-114: Clerk Of The Court; Duties
6-115: Prosecuting Attorney; Duties; Conflict Of Interest
6-116: Bond Of Court Clerk
6-117: Rules Of Court
6-118: Enforcement Of Rules
6-119: Written Complaints To Prosecute Ordinance Violations
6-120: Traffic Bail Bond Procedures
6-121: Creation Of Traffic Violations Bureau
6-122: Summons For Arrest; Failure To Appear
6-123: Form Of Arrest Warrant
6-124: Procedures For Bail Or Bond
6-125: Arraignment And Pleadings By Defendant
6-126: Trials And Judgments
6-127: Suspension Or Deferment Of Judgment, Powers
6-128: Imprisonment; Work By Prisoners
6-129: Fines And Costs; Enforcement Of Fines And Costs; Imprisonment, Work And Community Service
6-129-1:    Fees For Court And Incarceration Costs
6-130: Penalty Assessments