A.   If the owner, occupant or person in control of any lot or piece of ground shall fail, refuse or neglect, after the service of notice as provided in this chapter, to comply within the time specified, the city shall then proceed at once to abate the nuisance. (2000 Code § 8-106; amd. Ord. 268, 4-12-2012)
   B.   An accurate account of the cost or proportionate cost of the abatement shall be kept with reference to each lot or piece of land, and certified to the council, and the council shall by ordinance, motion or resolution, levy and assess the cost, or proportionate cost, including the cost of publication and other fees and cost necessarily incident thereto, against each lot or piece of ground chargeable therewith, as a special assessment, and the city clerk shall certify the assessment to the county clerk for collection as other special taxes are collected. (2000 Code § 8-106)