Bicycles and Motorcycles
373.01   Code application to bicycles.
373.02   Riding upon seats; handle bars; helmets and glasses.
373.03   Attaching bicycle or sled to vehicle.
373.04   Riding bicycles and motorcycles abreast.
373.05   Signal device on bicycle.
373.06   Lights and reflector on bicycle; brakes.
373.07   Riding bicycle on right side of roadway; obedience to traffic rules; passing.
373.08   Locks.
373.09   Care for safety of pedestrians.
373.10   Motorized bicycle operation, equipment and license.
373.11   Riding on sidewalks; skateboards; animals.
373.12   Improper riding; trick riding and racing.
373.13   Riding on roadways and bicycle paths.
373.14   Required signals.
373.15   Entering from private property.
373.16   License required.
373.17   License application.
373.18   Inspection of bicycles.
373.19   Issuance of license; records.
373.20   Attachment of license plate or nonremovable sticker.
373.21   Transfer of ownership.
373.22   Rental agencies.
373.23   Evidence of operating without a license; impounding.
373.24   Responsibility of parents.
373.25   Impounding by police; lost bicycles.
373.26   Paths exclusively for bicycles.
373.27   Electric bicycles.
      See sectional histories for similar State law
      Motorcycle protective equipment - see OAC Ch. 4501-17
      Motorized bicycle equipment - see OAC Ch. 4501-23
      Bicycle defined - see TRAF. 301.04
      Motorcycle defined - see TRAF. 301.19
      Bicycles prohibited on freeways - see TRAF. 303.06
      Motorcycle operator's license required - see TRAF. 335.01(a)
      Motorcycle headlight - see TRAF. 337.03
      Motorcycle brakes - see TRAF. 337.18(b)