119.01   Dealing in tobacco, e-cigarettes, and alternative nicotine products
   119.02   Payment of fee
   119.03   Qualification of licenses and applicants
   119.04   Licenses; form and contents
   119.05   Sale or gift to persons under the age of 21, drunkards, the insane or mentally disabled prohibited
   119.06   Compliance with other regulations; revocation; transfer; records
   119.07   License fee fixed
   119.08   Delivery signs
   119.09   Minimum age to sell tobacco products, e-cigarettes and alternative nicotine products
   119.10   Purchases by persons under 21 prohibited
   119.11   License limited to place of business
   119.12   Vending machines; locking devices; product displays
   119.13   Responsibility for agents and employees
   119.14   Use of premises after revocation
   119.15   Village President’s power to discipline