15.28.030   Design review standards.
   The design review board may approve, deny, or conditionally approve the design of any metal buildings proposed to be constructed or proposed to be altered or enlarged. It shall not approve the design of any metal building or any alterations therein or additions thereto which do not conform to the requirements of this chapter or which, because of their relationship to topography or the exterior design and appearance of buildings or other structures in the immediate neighborhood, would:
   A.   Adversely affect the desirability of immediate and neighboring areas and impair the benefits or occupancy of existing property in those areas; or
   B.   Cause degeneration of property in such areas with attendant deterioration of conditions affecting the public health, safety, comfort, morals and welfare thereof; or
   C.   Deprive the city of tax revenue which it otherwise could receive; or
   D.   Destroy a proper balance in relationship between the taxable value of real property and the cost of municipal services provided therefor in the area; or
   E.   Fail to improve community appearance by preventing extremes or similarity or monotony in new construction; or
   F.   Impair the stability and would not preserve and protect property values from substantial depreciation.
(Ord. 74-3-721 § 1 (part): prior code § 14.32.030)