15.28.040   Design requirements.
   All metal buildings constructed, altered, or enlarged must be designed in accordance with the following requirements:
   A.   Sheet metal shall not be used as the outside covering of an exterior wall unless it consists of anodized panels or prefinished panels with a factory baked-on finish.
   B.   The building front shall incorporate and present either a finished parapet or overhang to the street.
   C.   All roof edges shall be finished with a facia and/or combination facia and gutter.
   D.   The design must provide for finished soffits.
   E.   Not less than fifty percent of all portions of a metal building facing a public street shall include the use of collateral materials such as, but not limited to, brick, stone, wood, etc.
   F.   All window sash shall be of aluminum.
   G.   Color-matched fasteners shall be provided.
(Ord. 74-3-721 § 1 (part): prior code § 14.32.040)