General Provisions
   39.01   Purpose; scope
   39.02   Definitions
   39.03   Chief Procurement Officer
Public Procurement Regulations
   39.10   Source selection and contact information
   39.11   Competitive sealed bidding - IFB (Invitation for Bids)
   39.12   Competitive sealed proposals - (RFP (Request for Proposals)
   39.13   [Reserved]
   39.14   Small purchases
   39.15   Sole source procurement
   39.16   Emergency procurements
   39.17   Cancellation of bid or proposal invitation
   39.18   Qualifications, responsibilities of bidders and prospective contractors
   39.19   Types of contracts
   39.20   Contract clauses; administration
   39.21   [Reserved]
   39.22   [Reserved]
   39.23   Reporting anti-competitive practices
   39.24   Formulation of specifications
   39.25   Procurement of construction, architect, engineer and land surveying services
   39.26   [Reserved]
   39.27   Allowability of reimbursing costs
   39.28   Supply management
   39.29   Cooperative purchasing
   39.30   Small and disadvantaged businesses policy
Legal and Contractual Remedies
   39.40   Authority to resolve protested solicitations and awards
   39.41   Authority to debar or suspend
   39.42   Authority to resolve contract and breach of contract controversies
Ethics in Public Contracting
Part A. Standards of Conduct
   39.50   General standards of ethical conduct
   39.51   Criminal sanctions
   39.52   Employee conflict of interest
   39.53   Gratuities and kickbacks
   39.54   Contingent fees prohibited
   39.55   Contemporaneous employment prohibited
   39.56   Use of confidential information
   39.57   Waiver from certain prohibitions
Part B. Remedies.
   39.60   Civil and administrative remedies against city employees who breach ethical standards
   39.61   Civil and administrative remedies against non-employees who breach ethical standards
   39.62   Recovery of value transferred or received in breach of ethical standards