(A)   General. Any contract not exceeding the aggregate dollar amount prescribed in A.R.S. § 41-2535, may be made in accordance with the Arizona Procurement Code, A.R.S. Title 41 Chapter 23. Contract requirements shall not be artificially divided or fragmented, otherwise described as a "split-purchase" so as to circumvent the source selection procedures in order to constitute a small purchase under this subchapter.
   (B)   Small purchases. For purchases not exceeding the amount prescribed in A.R.S. § 41-2535, the Chief Procurement Officer, or his/her designated representative(s) shall issue a request for quotation unless any of the following apply:
      (1)   The purchase can be made utilizing a cooperative agreement, subject to the provisions of § 39.29, Cooperative Purchasing.
      (2)   The purchase is not expected to exceed  the amount set within the Arizona State Procurement Code, Chapter 23. Operational procedures and best practices will be utilized for procurements.
      (3)   The Chief Procurement Officer makes a determination that competition is not practicable under the circumstances. The purchase shall be made with as much competition as is practicable under the circumstances.
   (C)   Purchasing cards.  Subject to the  provisions of § 39.03, the Chief Procurement Officer may issue, to elected officials, and selected city employees by Department or Division Head request, a purchasing card for the purpose of making routine, small dollar, off-the-shelf purchases of supplies and services within designated limits. Purchasing card users are encouraged to utilize local businesses for their small dollar requirements whenever possible or when cost advantageous. The Chief Procurement Officer shall prepare operational procedures to enable the appropriate use of purchasing cards, and to prevent abuse thereof.
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