Chap. 701.     General Provisions; Penalty.
      Chap. 705.     Billiard Rooms, Poolrooms and Bowling Alleys. (Repealed)
      Chap. 707.     Amusement Centers.
      Chap. 709.     Frozen Desserts.
      Chap. 713.     Hotels, Motels and Tourist Courts.
      Chap. 714. Short Term Residential Real Estate Rentals.
      Chap. 717.     Junk Dealers, Junk Yards, Motor Vehicle Salvage Dealers and Impound Lots.
      Chap. 719.     Secondhand and Precious Metal Dealers.
      Chap. 721.     Mechanical Amusement Devices. (Repealed)
      Chap. 725.     Peddlers.
      Chap. 729.     Shows and Exhibitions.
      Chap. 731.    Nightclubs and Nightclub Promoters.
      Chap. 733.     Solicitors.
      Chap. 737.     Taxicabs.
      Chap. 741.     Temporary Stores and Transient Dealers.
      Chap. 745.     Trailers and Trailer Parks.
      Chap. 751.     Cable Television Rates.
      Chap. 753.     Cable Television Customer Service Standards.
       Chap. 755. Massage Service Establishments.
      Chap. 757. Video Service Providers.