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General Provisions
   154.001   Ordinance continued
   154.002   Short title
   154.003   Purposes
   154.004   Rules of construction
   154.005   Definitions
   154.006   Interpretation of chapter
Zoning Districts and District Regulations
   154.020   Effect of zoning
   154.021   Application of regulations
   154.022   General regulations
   154.023   LI-1 Blue Star District (LIND)
   154.024   C-1 City Center Commercial District (CC)
   154.025   R-4 City Center Transitional Residential District (CER)
   154.026   R-1 Community Residential District (CR)
   154.027   Conservation, Recreation and Camp District (CRC)
   154.028   Summer Resort and Park Association District (SRP)
   154.029   Cultural/Community District
   154.030   R-2 Lake Street District (LS)
   154.031   R-1 Maple Street District (MS)
   154.032   Neighborhood Marine District (NHM)
   154.033   R-1 Peninsula North (Duneside) District (PN-A)
   154.034   R-1 Peninsula North (Riverside) District (PN-B)
   154.035   R-1 Peninsula South District (PS)
   154.036   R-1 Peninsula West District (PW)
   154.037   C-4 Resort District
   154.038   Reserved
   154.039   C-2 Water Street East District (WSE)
   154.040   C-1 Water Street North District (WSN)
   154.041   C-2 Water Street South District (WSS)
   154.042   R-3 Multi-Family Residential District (MR)
   154.043   Zoning map
   154.044   Interpretation of district boundaries
   154.045   Area not included within a city district
   154.046   Permitted accessory structures and uses in all residential districts
   154.047   Condominium subdivisions
   154.048   Historic District Overlay Zone
   154.049   Service of alcoholic beverages
Site Plan Review
   154.060   Purpose and scope
   154.061   Applications
   154.062   Standards for administrative site plan review
   154.063   Standards for formal site plan approval
   154.064   Conditions of approval
   154.065   Validity of site plans
   154.066   Amendments to approved site plans
   154.067   Performance guarantees
   154.068   Appeals of final site plans
Special Land Uses
   154.080   Purpose
   154.081   Planning Commission designated
   154.082   Standards
   154.083   Application procedures for special land use permits
   154.084   Decision following public hearing
   154.085   Conditions
   154.086   Performance guarantees
   154.087   Amendments to special land uses
   154.088   Limitations on validity of permit
   154.089   No right of appeal
   154.090   Inspection
   154.091   TVRO special land use permit/allowable zones
   154.092   Design standards for selected special land uses
Planned Unit Development
   154.110   Intent and purpose
   154.111   PUD is an Overlay Zone
   154.112   Eligibility criteria
   154.113   Project design standards
   154.114   Application and data requirements
   154.115   Procedures and requirements
   154.116   Phasing and commencement of construction
   154.117   Revision to approved plans
   154.118   Required improvements prior to issuance of certificate of occupancy
Off-Street Parking
   154.130   General off-street parking regulations
   154.131   Exceptions to off-street parking requirements
   154.132   Off premises parking
   154.133   Joint use of parking facilities
   154.134   Site development requirements
   154.135   Minimum off-street parking requirements
Signs, Screening and Fences
   154.140   Sign definitions
   154.141   Sign requirements
   154.142   Screening
   154.143   Fencing
   154.144   Landscaping
Board of Appeals
   154.150   Provision for Zoning Board of Appeals
   154.151   Membership
   154.152   Alternate members
   154.153   Organization and procedures
   154.154   Effect of appeals proceedings
   154.155   Standards for variances
   154.156   Use and non-use variance requests
   154.157   Application procedures for appeal
Administration and Enforcement
   154.170   Enforcement by Zoning Administrator
   154.171   Duties of Zoning Administrator
   154.172   Application procedures for zoning permits that do not require site plan review
   154.173   Performance guarantees and performance bonding for compliance
   154.174   Nonconforming uses, lots and structures
   154.175   Fees; escrow for professional reviews
   154.176   Amendments; procedure
   154.177   Violations
   154.178   Severability
   154.179   Public notice
Waterfront Construction
   154.200   Purpose
   154.201   Objectives
   154.202   Unsafe structures
   154.203   Other agency permits
   154.204   Limitations on use
   154.205   Major construction regulations
   154.206   Minor construction regulations
   154.999   Penalty
   Appendix A: Figures and Drawings