(A)   Application. Prior to construction or physical development of a proposed special land use, as specified by this chapter, an application for a required special land use permit must be made to the Zoning Administrator on forms supplied by the city.
   (B)   Contents of application. The contents shall be the same as required for zoning permits in § 154.172. In addition, a site plan meeting the requirements of §§ 154.061et seq. shall be submitted.
   (C)   Fee. A fee may be set by the City Council and listed in the city’s schedule of fees and shall accompany any plans or application in order to defray the cost of administration and inspection.
   (D)   Zoning Administrator review.
      (1)   The Zoning Administrator shall begin to collect the application package and review for required content.
      (2)   He or she shall review the site plan and make advisory comments based on site plan review standards. Review by engineering, planning or other consultants hired by the city may be initiated as needed.
      (3)   Upon completion of preliminary review and comment, the Zoning Administrator shall forward the entire application with comments to the Planning Commission.
   (E)   Planning Commission review. Planning Commission shall review the application based on:
      (1)   Compliance with zoning bulk regulations;
      (2)   Standards for the review of site plans;
      (3)   Standards for the consideration of special land uses set forth in this subchapter; and
      (4)   Any other standards in this subchapter related to conditions proposed to be imposed.
   (F)   Public hearing required. Before a special land use permit is approved a public hearing must be held by the Planning Commission with public notice properly given in accordance with § 154.179 and the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, Public Act 110 of 2006 as amended.
(Ord. passed 6-24-1996; Am. Ord. 02-02, passed 2-11-2002; Am. Ord. 071008-01, passed 10-8-2007)
Statutory reference:
   Statutory requirements, see M.C.L.A. § 125.3504