A.   Permitted Uses: Site plan review approval shall be required for approval of all permitted uses other than detached single- family and two-family/twin home dwellings as a condition to receiving a zoning certificate if that permitted use involves the following:
      1.   Development of a new principal building;
      2.   Change of land use type;
      3.   An increased parking requirement;
      4.   An increased landscaping requirement; or
      5.   Development activities identified in various sections of this title that are specifically subject to site plan review.
   B.   Conditional Uses: Site plan review shall be required for all conditional uses in all zoning districts.
   C.   Accessory Uses: Site plan review shall not be required for accessory uses and structures (as defined in chapter 21A.40, "Accessory Uses, Buildings And Structures", of this title). Such uses shall be reviewed in conjunction with the review of principal buildings when such accessory structures are proposed to be approved at the same time as the principal building. (Ord. 26-95 § 2(29-3), 1995)