A.   Purpose Statement: The purpose of the D-3 Downtown Warehouse/Residential District is to provide for the reuse of existing warehouse buildings for multi-family and mixed use while also allowing for continued retail, office and warehouse use within the district. The reuse of existing buildings and the construction of new buildings are to be done as multi-family residential or mixed use developments containing retail or office uses on the lower floors and residential on the upper floors. This district is appropriate in areas where supported by applicable master plans. The standards are intended to create a unique and sustainable downtown neighborhood with a strong emphasis on urban design, adaptive reuse of existing buildings, alternative forms of transportation and pedestrian orientation.
   B.   Uses: Uses in the D-3 Downtown Warehouse/Residential District as specified in section 21A.33.050, "Table Of Permitted And Conditional Uses For Downtown Districts", of this title, are permitted subject to the provisions of this chapter and other applicable provisions of this title.
   C.   Controls Over Mixed Use: The concept of mixed use is central to the nature of the D-3 Downtown Warehouse/Residential District. To ensure that mixed use developments provide for on site compatibility as well as neighborhood compatibility, the change of land use type or an increase in floor area by twenty five percent (25%) of existing principal buildings and the construction of buildings for new uses after April 12, 1995, shall conform to the following provisions. Construction related to the rehabilitation including remodeling or modification of existing uses, or the change of use to a similar use, shall not be subject to these provisions:
      1.   Buildings containing commercial/office uses located above the second story shall incorporate multi-family dwellings, boarding house, bed and breakfast, or hotel uses in the amount of at least fifty percent (50%) of the total floor area of the building;
      2.   Commercial/office uses shall be permitted as the sole use in two-story buildings only; and
      3.   Commercial/office uses in buildings of three (3) stories or more without multi-family dwellings shall be allowed only as a conditional use and then only when the applicant has demonstrated that the proposed location is not suitable for multi-family residential use.
   D.   Lot Size Requirements: No minimum lot area or lot width shall be required.
   E.   Maximum Building Height: No building shall exceed seventy five feet (75'). Buildings taller than seventy five feet (75') but less than ninety feet (90') may be authorized through the design review process, provided the additional height is supported by the applicable master plan, the overall square footage of the buildings is greater than fifty percent (50%) residential use, and subject to the requirements of chapter 21A.59 of this title.
   F.   Minimum Yard Requirements: None required, except for surface parking lots which are required to be set back from the front and corner side yard property lines fifteen feet (15').
   G.   Mid Block Walkways: As a part of the City's plan for the downtown area, it is intended that mid block walkways be provided to facilitate pedestrian movement within the area. To delineate the public need for such walkways, the City has formulated an official plan for their location and implementation, which is on file at the Planning Division Office. All buildings constructed within the D-3 Downtown District shall conform to this plan for mid block walkways.
   H.   Minimum Open Space Area: All lots containing dwelling units shall provide common open space area in the amount of twenty percent (20%) of the lot area. This common open space area may take the form of ground level plazas, interior atriums, landscape areas, roof gardens and decks on top of buildings or other such forms of open space available for the common use by residents of the property. (Ord. 14-19, 2019: Ord. 13-19, 2019: Ord. 12-17, 2017)