A.   General Provisions: The provisions of title 2, chapter 2.07 of this Code shall apply to the Planning Commission except as otherwise set forth in this section.
   B.   Creation: The Planning Commission is created pursuant to the enabling authority granted by the Municipal Land Use Development and Management Act of the Utah Code.
   C.   Jurisdiction And Authority: The Planning Commission shall have the following powers and duties in connection with the implementation of this title:
      1.   Prepare and recommend to the City Council for adoption, a comprehensive, general plan and amendments to the general plan for the present and future needs of the City and the growth and development of the land within the City or any part of the City;
      2.   Make comprehensive surveys and studies of the existing conditions and trends of growth and of the probable future requirements of the City and its residents as part of the preparation of the general plan;
      3.   Initiate amendments to the text of this title and to the zoning map pursuant to the provisions of chapter 21A.50 of this title;
      4.   Review, evaluate and make recommendations to the City Council on proposed amendments to this title pursuant to the procedures and standards set forth in chapter 21A.50 of this title;
      5.   Review, hear and decide applications for conditional uses, including planned developments, pursuant to the procedures and standards set forth in chapters 21A.54, "Conditional Uses", 21A.55, "Planned Developments", and 21A.59, "Design Review", of this title;
      6.   Hear and decide appeals from administrative hearing decisions of the Planning Director;
      7.   Hear and decide applications for subdivision amendments and approvals pursuant to the Municipal Land Use Development and Management Act, title 10, chapter 9a of the Utah Code; and
      8.   Authorize special exceptions to the terms of this title pursuant to the procedures and standards set forth in chapter 21A.52, "Special Exceptions", of this title.
   D.   Membership: The Planning Commission shall consist of at least nine (9) up to a maximum of eleven (11) voting members, appointed from among qualified electors of the City in a manner providing balanced geographic, professional, neighborhood and community interests representation.
      1.   The Director of the Planning Division (or the Planning Director's designated representative) shall serve as an ex officio member without vote.
      2.   Appointment to a position created by any vacancy shall not be included in the determination of any person's eligibility to serve two (2) consecutive full terms.
   E.   Meetings: The Planning Commission shall meet at least once each month.
   F.   Commission Action: A simple majority of the voting members present at the meeting at which a quorum is present shall be required for any action taken. The decision of the Planning Commission shall become effective upon the posting of the record of decision.
   G.   Public Hearings: The Planning Commission shall schedule and give public notice of all public hearings pursuant to the provisions of chapter 21A.10, "General Application And Public Hearing Procedures", of this title.
   H.   Conflicts Of Interest: The Planning Commission may, by majority vote of the members present, allow a member, otherwise required to leave due to a conflict, to be present if required by special or unusual circumstances.
   I.   Removal Of A Member: Any member of the Planning Commission may be removed by the Mayor for violation of this title or any policies and procedures adopted by the Planning Commission following receipt by the Mayor of a written complaint filed against the member. If requested by the member, the Mayor shall provide the member with a public hearing conducted by a Hearing Officer appointed by the Mayor.
   J.   Policies And Procedures: The Planning Commission shall adopt policies and procedures for the conduct of its meetings, the processing of applications and for any other purposes considered necessary for its proper functioning. (Ord. 14-19, 2019: Ord. 10-16, 2016: Ord. 56-14, 2014)