18.50.220: MECHANICAL:
   A.   Mechanical Equipment:
      1.   Existing Installations: Mechanical systems lawfully in existence at the time of the adoption of this code may have their use, maintenance or repair continued if the use, maintenance or repair is in accordance with the original design and location and no hazard to life, health or property has been created by such mechanical system.
      2.   Compliance: All mechanical equipment shall be in accordance with the code in effect at the time of installation.
      3.   Maintenance: All mechanical equipment shall be properly maintained and shall be operated in a safe manner.
   B.   Heating:
      1.   Temperature: Heating shall be provided by a permanently installed heating system capable of heating all habitable rooms and bathrooms to a minimum of sixty eight degrees (68°), which shall be measured in the center of the room at a height of three feet (3') from the floor.
      2.   Air Return: A return air duct which serves more than one dwelling unit shall not be permitted. A duplex or multiple dwelling unit legally constructed before 1970 may have an existing common air return continued if the furnace was original installation. Existing common air return installations shall be allowed to continue when a listed smoke detector fan shutoff is installed in the return air duct of units constructed before 1985. Common air returns shall not be allowed in buildings constructed after 1985.
      3.   Fuel Burning Appliances:
         a.   Except for direct vented appliances, gas furnaces and gas water heaters shall not be permitted in bedrooms, in bathrooms or in closets accessed only from a bedroom or a bathroom. Existing furnace rooms with access only through an existing bedroom may continue to exist when a one hundred twenty (120) volt smoke detector is installed in the bedroom and relayed to a smoke detector installed in the furnace room. All combustion air is to be supplied from outside air.
         b.   Gas shutoff valves are required on all gas appliances. Shutoff valves shall be installed in accordance with the UMC.
         c.   All fireplaces, wood burning stoves, and all other appliances producing combustible gas byproducts shall be connected to an operating chimney or approved flue. All flues and vents shall be installed in compliance with EPA requirements and the requirements of the UMC in effect at the time of installation.
         d.   All fuel burning appliances shall be provided with combustion air per the requirements of their listing and with the UPC and UMC in effect at the time of their installation.
         e.   All fuel burning appliances shall be provided with listed clearances and maintained in good working condition and in accordance with their listing.
         f.   All ventilation fans shall be installed according to their listing and maintained in good working condition.
         g.   All ducts and vents shall be maintained according to original installation requirements. (Ord. 68-96 § 1, 1996: Ord. 55-95 § 4 (Exh. A), 1995)