18.50.210: PLUMBING:
   A.   Minimum Requirements:
      1.   Unless provided otherwise in this chapter, plumbing, piping and fixtures shall be in accordance with the code in effect at the time of installation.
      2.   Plumbing, piping and fixtures shall have no leaks and shall be maintained in good condition. All waste lines shall be connected to an approved sewer system.
      3.   The minimum plumbing fixtures required for dwelling units are a bathroom sink, toilet, tub or shower, and kitchen sink.
      4.   Cold running water shall be plumbed to each toilet. Hot and cold running water plumbed to each bathroom sink, tub, shower and kitchen sink.
      5.   Every sink, tub and shower shall be provided with hot water of at least one hundred ten degrees Fahrenheit (110°F) and with cold water.
      6.   A space without obstruction from floor to ceiling of not less than twelve inches (12") shall be in front of all toilets. Toilets shall be located in a space without obstruction from floor to ceiling of not less than twenty two inches (22") in width. No encroachments of these dimensions are permitted.
      7.   Where vents do not exist for plumbing fixtures meeting the applicable codes in effect at the time of their installation, vents need not be installed when the plumbing fixture or trap and trap arm is replaced providing the sewer line is not altered.
   B.   Water Heaters: Water heaters and boilers shall have a listed combination temperature and pressure relief valve and relief valve discharge pipe. All new installations of water heaters and boilers, when located above a finished space, shall include a safe pan with a UPC approved drain piped to an approved drainage system. Existing water heaters and boilers shall have a temperature and pressure relief valve. The valve shall have a listed discharge pipe which discharges no nearer than six inches (6") to the floor and no further than two feet (2') from the floor. A temperature and pressure relief valve shall be required for water heaters only when a water heater was designed for such valve.
   C.   Cross Connections: In order to protect against contamination of the water supply through cross connections, all water inlets for plumbing fixtures shall be located above the flood level rim of the fixture as defined in the UPC. Hoses or handheld shower heads shall not be attached in any manner that would permit water contamination during reverse pressure. Water supply pipes provided with an approved backflow preventer or antisiphon device as regulated in the UPC shall be permitted. Handheld shower heads shall be permitted when provided with a permanently mounted holder attached to the wall or shower pipe, or when an antisiphon device is installed. Water faucet outlets below the overflow rim of the fixture shall be permitted until the faucet is replaced. A new fixture shall not be installed where it would create a cross connection.
   D.   Drains:
      1.   Drain traps shall meet standards of the UPC. Existing traps shall be allowed as originally designed. If the trap has been modified it shall be replaced with an approved trap, and a vent shall be added as required by the UPC.
      2.   All open entrapped sewer lines and outlets shall be capped with an approved cap.
   E.   Fixture Requirements: Every kitchen sink, tub, shower and toilet shall be provided with a minimum of fifteen (15) psi of water pressure.
   F.   Bathrooms In Rental Dwelling Units: Each rental dwelling unit shall have a bathroom within the dwelling unit. Every toilet and bathtub or shower required by this code shall be in a room which will afford privacy to the occupant.
   G.   Congregate Housing:
      1.   The minimum plumbing fixtures required for congregate housing are a sink, toilet, and tub or shower for each ten (10) occupants or portion thereof and a kitchen sink. Bathrooms shall have installed a door with privacy lock.
      2.   Congregate housing that does not provide private toilets, sinks, bathtubs or showers shall have on each floor, accessible from a public corridor, at least one toilet, one sink, and one bathtub with shower or one separate shower for each ten (10) occupants or portion thereof. For each additional ten (10) occupants, or portion thereof, an additional one toilet, one sink and one bathtub or shower accessible from a public corridor shall be provided. (Ord. 68-96 § 1, 1996: Ord. 55-95 § 4 (Exh. A), 1995)