A.   Determination: If the building inspector determines that a minor deficiency exists, the building inspector may take the actions specified in this section.
   B.   Citations: Citations may be issued for minor deficiencies. However, such citations shall be for the owner's information only and shall have no further legal force or effect. When a notice and order is issued, minor deficiencies may be included under "for owner's information only". If a property inspection reveals only minor deficiencies, the building inspector may mail a letter to the owner informing the owner of such minor deficiencies.
   C.   Delivery Of Notice And Order: The notice and order shall be mailed to the owner or the owner's designated agent by both certified mail, return receipt requested, and ordinary first class mail, postage prepaid, or shall be delivered by hand. If delivery of the notice and order by mail or hand delivery is not made, the notice and order shall be posted on the building entrance doors and on the entrance doors of all dwelling units affected by the notice and order.
   D.   Notified Party Actions: The notified party shall take out all required permits and cause the building or dwelling unit to be either repaired or secured from entry as required by other portions of this code within the times specified in the notice and order. If the building official determines that work is progressing appropriately and an extension is necessary, the building official may extend the times for completion of any work.
   E.   Appeal And Administrative Consideration: The appeal and administrative hearing officer processes shall be as specified in subsections 18.50.080E and F of this chapter.
   F.   City Remedies: If the notified party fails to make the repairs required, or fails to reach an agreement acceptable to the city for remediation, the city may record a notice of deficiency with the Salt Lake County recorder's office specifying the deficiencies. (Ord. 68-96 § 1, 1996: Ord. 55-95 § 4 (Exh. A), 1995)