A.   Billing: In the case of developed parcels, the department shall cause billings for street lighting utility services to be sent periodically to the person who has signed for water and sanitary sewer service to the parcel. The amounts to be billed shall be included on the existing department bill as a separate line item. In the case of undeveloped parcels, or properties without public water or sewer services with front footage, a street lighting only billing will be sent to the owner of the parcel, as shown on the records of the county recorder.
   B.   Collection:
      1.   In the event partial payment is made on a combined bill, the payment shall be applied first to franchise fees due, and then to each service on a pro rata basis.
      2.   In the event of delinquency, fees and charges levied in accordance herewith shall be a debt due the city. If this debt is not paid within thirty (30) days after billing, it shall be deemed delinquent. The department shall have the right to terminate water, sewer and other city services to the premises to enforce payment. Any uncollected amount due from the person or persons who own the parcel on any inactive, terminated or discontinued account may be transferred to any active account under the same person or persons' name(s) and, upon failure to pay such bill after at least five (5) days' prior written notice, water and other city services to that account and parcel may be discontinued.
      3.   Water, sewer, garbage, storm sewer and street lighting service shall not be restored until all charges have been paid in full.
   C.   Street Lighting Utility Enterprise Fund: All funds received from street lighting service charges shall be placed in the street lighting enterprise fund and kept separate and apart from all other city funds. The collection, accounting and expenditure of all street lighting utility funds shall be in accordance with existing fiscal policy of the city. (Ord. 93-12, 2012)