Permits and Fees
      EDITOR’S NOTE: Pursuant to Ordinance 2019-17, passed March 25, 2019, the City Manager is hereby authorized to adjust rules, regulations and fees within the Engineering Department pursuant to the Ohio Board of Building Standards.
1305.01   Permits.
1305.02   Authorizations of occupancy.
1305.03   Fees; disposition.
1305.04   One, two and three-family permit fees for new buildings; additions, alterations, repairs, rehabilitation; parking of trailers.
1305.05   Fees for Ohio Building Code regulated structures.
1305.06   Moving.
1305.07   Wrecking.
1305.08   Blocking public ways.
1305.09   Electrical permits and inspections.
1305.10   Register of persons in electrical business.
1305.11   Licenses.
1305.12   Registration of contractors.
1305.99   Penalty.
Building permits to comply with subdivision regulations - see P. & Z. 1103.04
Grading permit and fee - see P. & Z. 1115.04
Plumbing permits and fees - see BLDG. 1333.03
Rooming house permits and fees - see BLDG. 1343.10