No person shall develop, grade or fill any land, tract or lot or do any other work that is within the definition of the word "develop", unless and until such person, in addition to other requirements of these Subdivision Regulations has first obtained from the Building Officer a grading permit, after having first submitted to the Building Officer a grading plan or other adequate proposal, after having secured the approval of same by such Building Officer, and after having paid a fee of not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per acre and in no case less than five dollars ($5.00) per 5,000 square feet or fraction thereof.  Such grading plan or proposal shall show, to the satisfaction of the Building Officer, that a satisfactory method is provided for disposal of the water, retention of the earth and prevention of erosion, and that no action will be taken, and no work will be done, so as to cause any change of drainage or flow of water or materials or otherwise affect adversely any adjacent or neighboring property or any public streets, alleys, sidewalks, sewers or other public property or facilities.
   Wherever the existing vegetation is removed or covered with new earth, the same shall immediately be sodded or seeded and mulched, to prevent erosion and wash.  Excess excavation remaining shall be placed in uniform piles and covered with a water repellent material securely fastened to prevent wash.
   The developer or owner shall post a five hundred dollar ($500.00) bond in favor of the City before a permit is issued to assure compliance with the above.
   Upon failure of the owner or developer to comply with these Subdivision Regulations, the Building Officer shall notify the owner or developer and shall order the Director of Service to correct the default.  The cost of this service shall be paid by the surety.
(Ord. 1991-94.  Passed 8-13-91.)