(a)   No plumbing shall be done in any public building, place or dwelling in the City, or in areas within the City which are provided with municipal water or sewerage by the City, except in cases of leaks or repairs in existing plumbing, until a permit has been obtained.
   Each application for a permit to do plumbing shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee as prescribed in Sections 1305.04 and 1305.05.
   No permit shall be issued to any person to do plumbing whose name is not on the register maintained by the City Engineering Department, except to the owner of a single-family dwelling to personally perform work in the home in which he lives or intends to live.
   (b)   If, for any reason, a re-inspection is necessary, then an additional fee of thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents ($37.50) shall be charged.
(Ord. 2005-61.  Passed 8-8-05.)