(A)   If the valet operation requires the use of public parking spaces for ramping or storage, whether spaces are metered or non-metered, the operator shall, in addition to the permit fee, be required to pay for use of the parking space(s) at the rate established by the city as more fully described in § 76.06 or at the rates specified in a separate valet parking agreement with the city, as amended from time to time.
   (B)   Parking space fees are due and must be received by the city no later than ten business days prior to the date the permit takes effect and ten days prior to every annual renewal thereafter while the valet permit is in effect.
   (C)   Where public parking spaces are controlled by a single parking meter for each space, the valet operator will be responsible for securing spaces designated for the ramping area by placing meter bags obtained from the city or its contracted agent over each meter. There will be a deposit for the cost of each bag, payable to the city along with the parking space fee, for the duration of valet operations until the bag is returned in good condition.
   (D)   When the public parking spaces to be used in the valet operations have a multi-space meter, the number of parallel parking spaces used in a ramping area will be considered to be the length of the ramping area divided by 22 feet, rounded up to the nearest whole number of feet, and the hourly rate shall be the rate charged at the multi-space meter nearest to the business where the valet operation will be conducted.
   (E)   The City Manager or his or her designee may approve valet operations serving a city-owned or operated facility on behalf of the city without charging the fees required by this article.
(Ord. 2019-22, passed 1-22-19)