(A)   Within seven business days of receiving the initial application, the Parking Administrator shall determine if the information provided is complete and notify the applicant of any deficiencies in the application. Upon submittal of additional information in response to the Parking Administrator's first request, the Parking Administrator will determine if the application is complete and, where there are deficiencies, shall make a second request for additional information. If an applicant fails to provide additional information within 30 calendar days in response to the Parking Administrator's second request, the application shall be considered withdrawn by the applicant and a new application shall be required together with the appropriate fee stated in § 77.03. The complete review of the application shall not commence until the application is determined to be complete. Once the application is determined to be complete, the Parking Administrator shall submit the application to other city divisions and departments with interest in the valet parking operation for their review and comment including, but not limited to, Zoning, Engineering, Building, Police, Risk Management, and Fire.
   (B)   Within 45 calendar days of receipt of a complete application the city shall:
      (1)   Approve the permit, approve the permit with conditions or deny the permit; or,
      (2)   Issue written comments to the applicant for further response.
(Ord. 2019-22, passed 1-22-19)