When used in this chapter, the following words, terms, and phrases shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section.
   (A)   ADA. The Americans with Disabilities Act.
   (B)   APPLICANT. A person or business entity requesting a valet operations permit who will be held responsible for compliance with the terms and conditions of the permit and the provisions of this chapter. The applicant must submit with the application a written consent of the owner of the business for whom the valet operator is conducting the valet operation.
   (C)   CUSTOMER. The vehicle owner or driver that transfers the possession or custody of their vehicle to a valet service for temporary or short term storage in the city.
   (D)   MANUAL OF TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES. A document issued by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) of the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to specify the standards by which traffic signs, road surface markings, and signals are designed, installed, and used.
   (E)   METER RATE. The posted hourly rate in effect at the time of the use of the metered parking space, as approved by the City Commission, and as amended from time to time.
   (F)   OFFICER. Any person authorized by law, ordinance, or the City Manager to enforce the provisions of this chapter including, but not limited to a law enforcement officer, park ranger, parking enforcement specialist, public service aide, code enforcement officer, or other person who is authorized by the city to issue parking citations, violation notices or other such notices authorized by Chapters 76 and 77 of the City Code.
   (G)   OFF-STREET PARKING SPACE. Metered or non-metered parking spaces located on property owned or leased by the city for the purpose of providing public parking, including both public lots and public garages.
   Diagram of Off-Street Parking Space
   (H)    ON-STREET PARK ING SPACE. Mete red or non-metered public parking spaces within a public right-of-way.
   Diagram of On-Street Parking Space
   (I)    PARKING ADMINISTRATOR. Any person employed or contracted by the city to assist in the permitting, regulation and enforcement of a valet operations permit.
   (J)   PERMIT. A valet operations permit issued by the city pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
   (K)   PIER PARKING GARAGE. The city-owned Pier Parking Garage containing approximately 643 parking spaces inclusive of approximately 100 valet spaces located at 275 Seabreeze Way, Pompano Beach FL 33062.
   (L)   RAMPING. The temporary transfer of a vehicle from a customer to a valet attendant for the purpose of parking the vehicle in an authorized parking lot, garage or storage area.
   (M)   RAMPING AREA. An area of right-of-way or area within a parking facility where a customer stops their vehicle in order to transfer the vehicle to a valet attendant for the purpose of parking the vehicle in an authorized parking lot, garage or storage area. Likewise, it is an area in which the customer picks up their vehicle from a valet attendant after being temporarily stored.
   Diagram of Ramping Area
   (N)    RIGHT-OF-WAY. The surface and space on, above, and below any real property in which the city has an interest in law or equity, open to travel by the public, including but not limited to any public street, boulevard, road, highway, freeway, lane, alley, court, sidewalk or bridge.
   (O)   SPECIAL EVENT. An event determined by the City Manager to require a temporary valet permit for a business or resident that contracts for valet parking services subject to § 77.13 .
   (P)   TANDEM PARKING. The type of storage for valet parking that requires moving at least one vehicle in a parking space in order to reach and move another vehicle to another space.
   Diagram of Tandem Parking
   (Q)    TEMPORARY LANE. The tapered portion of a public right-of-way approaching and departing from the curbside valet operation area from and to the vehicular travel lane located within the ramping area delineated by a traffic device.
   (R)   VALET AREA. All areas where valet operations are conducted including, but not limited to, the ramping area, the adjacent sidewalk area, storage area and public streets as identified in the valet permit.
   (S)   VALET ATTENDANT. The person, acting on behalf of a valet operator, who take possession or custody of the customer's vehicle and transports such vehicle to a storage area for the purpose of parking the vehicle and subsequently returns the vehicle to the customer upon their return.
   (T)   VALET EQUIPMENT. Items used in the valet operation including but not limited to mobile stands or booth, traffic control devices, signs, tables, chairs, umbrellas, key boxes, and any other objects necessary for the valet operation that are proposed to be placed within the valet area.
   Diagram of Valet Equipment on a Sidewalk
   (U)     VALET OPERATOR. A person who owns a valet operation and holds a current business tax receipt issued by the city pursuant to Chapter 113 of the Pompano Beach Code of Ordinances to provide valet parking services.
   (V)   VALET OPERATION. Activities associated with providing valet parking services that include, but are not limited to, ramping, storage, taking custody of a customer's vehicle or delivering the vehicle back to the customer, storing customer's keys and all the equipment, devices, signage, tables, chairs and similar items used to support valet parking services.
   (W)   VEHICLE STORAGE AREA. The location where the valet attendant parks a customer's vehicle while in the care and custody of the valet operator.
   Diagram of Vehicle Storage Area
   (X)    ZONING CODE. That section of the city's Code of Ordinances that establishes the minimum standards for zoning and development activities within the boundaries of the city, as amended from time to time.
(Ord. 2019-22, passed 1-22-19)