(A)   A person, establishment, business or entity who conducts valet operations entirely on private property, including the ramping area and storage area, is not required to have a permit. Notwithstanding, such valet operations shall be required to obtain a business tax receipt and comply with all applicable City Codes governing valet operational standards and code of conduct and customer protection regulations prescribed in this chapter.
   (B)   Valet operations on public property or right-of-way.
      (1)   A person, establishment, business or entity who conducts valet operations, of any sort, on public property or right-of-way including, but not limited to, its ramping area or storage area, or utilizes a public right-of-way to move vehicles between its ramping area and its storage area, is required to have a permit from the city for valet operations.
      (2)   It shall be a violation for any person, establishment, business or entity to provide or allow valet operations upon public property and right-of-way for its patrons or invitees utilizing a valet operator that does not possess a valid and active permit.
   (C)   A valet operations permit application shall be submitted to the Parking Administrator on a form provided by the city found on its website. Unless otherwise provided herein, the application shall require, at a minimum, the following information:
      (1)   Name, address and telephone number(s) of the applicant as well as the telephone number at which the valet operator can be reached, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and during all hours of the valet operation;
      (2)   Proposed hours of the valet operation, location and address of the valet operation, both the ramping area as well as the storage area;
      (3)   Name, address and contact number of the business, entity, or person that the valet operation will serve;
      (4)   Proposed fees charged to customers;
      (5)   Number of public parking spaces being leased from the city for ramping area; number of off-street parking spaces being leased from the city for vehicle storage or the number of parking spaces being provided if leased or privately owned. Note that if public parking spaces are being used for ramping or storage, an agreement must be provided evidencing the city's approval. On-street parking in the public right-of-way may not be used for storage;
      (6)   A copy of current liability insurance naming the City of Pompano Beach as co-insured and demonstrating compliance with § 77.11, Liability and Insurance;
      (7)   The zoning of the property being served as well as the property being used for vehicle storage; and
      (8)   Valet operations plan, including a drawing or sketch with dimensions of the valet area and the following information:
         (a)   The dimension of the inside and outside customer floor areas and seating capacity for the business(s) to be served by the valet operator. If there is more than one type of business on a single property such as a restaurant and a bar, each type of business must be identified separately. The estimated maximum rate of vehicle arrivals and departures for a business within a 15-minute period shall be provided;
         (b)   The size and location of the proposed ramping area including dimensions and the number and location of existing marked public parking spaces, if any, that are proposed to be used by the valet operator;
         (c)   Photographs of the proposed ramping area;
         (d)   The proposed placement of traffic cones in the ramping area permitted under this chapter;
         (e)   The location of the off-street vehicle storage area(s) that may be used by the valet operator and the number of potential spaces that may be used for valet operations; and
         (f)   A valet operations route map showing the roads that may be used to transport vehicles from the ramping area to the storage area and the storage area to the ramping area.
         (g)   Proof that the applicant is authorized to conduct valet operations for a specific person, establishment, business or entity at the location of proposed valet operations by providing an executed contract or other document of equal reliability.
   (D)   An application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $250 made payable to the City of Pompano Beach for the initial permit and $150 annually for permit renewals for the same permit location and circumstances.
   (E)   A valet operator wishing to change the size or location of a ramping area or storage area, any other change that may affect the valet operation, and a change to the hours of operation or any similar revisions to the permit must submit an amendment to the original application and pay a fee of $150 at least five business days prior to the requested change for review by the Parking Administrator. Approval or denial of the application to amend the permit will be provided within five business days of receipt of a completed application for amendment to the permit.
   (F)   A valet operator wishing to change the business it is servicing or the location in relation to the business it serves must submit a new application to the Parking Administrator.
   (G)   A valet operator will notify the Parking Administrator of any change of ownership of the business the valet operator serves or a change in the name of the business it serves.
   (H)   In addition to a permit, valet operators shall be required to obtain a city business tax receipt to operate a business within the city's jurisdiction.
(Ord. 2019-22, passed 1-22-19)