General Provisions
   52.01   Scope of chapter provisions
   52.02   Liability of town for damage
   52.03   Town's right to temporarily interrupt service
   52.04   Source of water, sewer service
   52.05   Use of fire hydrants restricted; filling of swimming pools
   52.06   Protection of water pipes
   52.07   Sale or resale of utility services restricted
   52.08   Application for service
   52.09   Connections to service
   52.10   Ownership of connections, meters and the like
   52.11   Service to comply with technical regulations
   52.12   Termination for noncompliance with provisions
   52.13   Meters required
   52.14   Obtaining right-of-way for facilities
Rates and Charges
   52.30   Deposits required
   52.31   Refund of deposit
   52.32   Disconnection for late payment
   52.33   Resumption of service, reconnection fee
   52.34   Cogeneration policy
Statutory reference:
   Authority to fix and enforce rates, see G.S. § 160A-314
   Municipal authority to operate public enterprises, see G.S. § 160A-312