§ 18-302. Economic Development Reporting Requirements.
   (1)   A business that meets the definition of a Covered Business under subsection 18-301(3)(a) or subsection 18-301(3)(b) must file with the Department by May 1 of each year, in such form as the Department may establish by regulation, a report containing the following information pertaining to the previous calendar year:
      (a)   Name and address of the business; location of the business in the City and, if different, the location of the subsidized activity; and contact information for the business;
      (b)   The basis under this Section for why a report is required. If the basis is because of receipt of Financial Assistance, the specific type, date and amount of the assistance shall be identified;
      (c)   The amount and source of any subsidy received by the business in connection with business operations or real estate located in Philadelphia not identified pursuant to subsection (b);
      (d)   The number of full-time, part-time and temporary employees employed by the business in the City at the start of the year and at the end of the year and the locations at which such jobs are based in the City. Independent contractors shall not be deemed employees for such purpose;
      (e)   The number of individuals regularly employed as independent contractors at the locations where the business operates in the City, whether employed by the business or a third party, at the start of the year and at the end of the year;
      (f)   Identification and description of any jobs created in the City during the calendar year, including: the type of job; the compensation provided in connection with the job, including salary or wages within ranges as may be established by the Department and a description of benefits associated with the job; and whether a full-time, part- time or temporary employee or independent contractor holds the job; and
      (g)   Such information about determinations of federal, state or local law violations relating to topics such as environmental protection, taxation, labor standards or employment discrimination as the Department shall determine by regulation.
   (2)   The Department and such other City agencies through which Financial Assistance is provided to Covered Businesses are directed to require each business that receives such assistance, as a condition of the assistance and subject to enforcement under the terms of this Section, to comply with the requirements set forth in subsection (1) above.
   (3)   Any business that must file a report because of receipt of Financial Assistance shall, in addition to the report for the year in which the assistance was received, provide a report including the same information required in subsection (1) above by May 1 with respect to the preceding calendar year in each of the five years following a year in which the assistance was received.