§ 18-202. Joint Airport Zoning Board. 11
   (1)   The Joint Airport Zoning Board shall consist of:
      (a)   two members appointed by the Mayor for a term of 4 years;
      (b)   two members appointed by the County Commissioners of Delaware County;
      (c)   a fifth member, who shall act as Chairman, to be selected by the majority of the other members.
   (2)   The Board shall adopt, administer and enforce airport zoning regulations in airport hazard areas, as that term is defined in the Act of April 17, 1945, P.L. 237, in Philadelphia County and Delaware County adjacent to Philadelphia International Airport, and shall exercise such other powers as are conferred on such Boards by that Act.
   (3)   The members of the Board appointed by the Mayor shall receive no compensation, but the necessary expenses of such members and those of the Chairman, incurred in the performance of their duties, and the expenses of the Joint Airport Zoning Board and Airport Zoning Commission shall be paid by the City.



   Source: 1948 Ordinances, p. 181, as amended; 1950 Ordinances, p. 15. Subsections erroneously numbered in prior editions.