§ 18-104. Numbering of Piers.
   (1)   The Department of Commerce shall number piers along the west side of the Delaware River. 5
   (2)   Any pier owner who, 30 days after receipt of notice from the Department of Commerce of the number assigned his pier, fails to have such number prominently displayed at both the outshore and inshore end of such pier in numerals at least 2 feet high shall be subject to a fine of five dollars ($5.00) for each day the violation continues.
   (3)   The Department of Commerce may itself or by contract place the assigned number upon the pier of any person who fails to do so in violation of the foregoing subsection, the cost to be charged against the owner of such pier. The Law Department shall take such action for the collection of such costs by lien or otherwise as may be authorized by law.



   Source: 1916 Ordinances, p. 272.