§ 15-501. Hours of Operation – Public Posting. 20
   The Free Library of Philadelphia is authorized to issue rules and regulations, applicable to all of its public locations, on the following matters relating to public posting of the schedule and hours of operation of each such location:
   (1)   Clear and public posting of hours of operation on or around the exterior front of the building or, where such notice of hours would not be easily visible from the property line, such other manner of posting on the premises that will provide clear and public notice;
   (2)   Clear and public notice of changes in regular hours, of holiday schedules, and of periodic departures from otherwise regular hours;
   (3)   Clear and public notice of emergency closings whenever practicable; and
   (4)   Website posting of information under subsections (1) through (3) on the official Free Library of Philadelphia website.



   Added, Bill No. 170724 (approved November 13, 2017), effective December 13, 2017.