§ 15-301. Independence Hall. 13
   (1)   The Independence Hall structures shall consist of Independence Hall, Congress Hall, Old City Hall, and associated historic objects located in Independence Square.
   (2)   The Independence Hall structures and the grounds upon which they are located are designated as a national historic site and shall be preserved in perpetuity for the benefit and inspiration of the people of the United States. 14
   (3)   In order to protect the integrity of the Independence Hall structures and in order to preserve their value as a national historic site, the plot of ground known as Independence Square, extending from Chestnut Street to Walnut Street and from Fifth Street to Sixth Street, shall not be used by any person or group for any public or private meeting.
   (4)   Independence Square may be used by the City only for the purpose of celebrating, by appropriate exercises, Independence Day, Washington's Birthday, Lincoln's Birthday, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Armistice Day, I Am An American Day, Constitution Day, Pennsylvania Day, Columbus Day, Barry Day, Pulaski Day, Lafayette Day, National Anthem Day, V-E Day, V-J Day, and any other day designated as historic or patriotic by the President, the Congress of the United States, the Governor, the General Assembly of the Commonwealth, the Mayor or the Council. 15



   Cross ref.: Section 14-502.
   Source: 1872 Ordinances, p. 153; 1942 Ordinances, p. 594.
   Source: 1948 Ordinances, p. 82.